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Why Oak Lake for your Family?

Community, Outdoor life, Schools, Daycare, Businesses

What is life like in Oak Lake?
We have or are near everything, and we love it.
15 minutes from Virden, 30 minutes from Brandon, Oak Lake is an oasis of quiet with easy access to all you are used to.

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What does Oak Lake have?

Oak Lake is a small town with plenty to offer you, but best of all we aren't the city.

Schools, Daycare


Oak Lake has a K-8 school alongside a daycare serving infants to Kinder. An after school program is in place that serves the late working family.




Many services and stores are right in town.

Oak Lake has many services and businesses in town, but our small town in just 15 minutes from larger Virden, and only 30 minutes from Brandon.

Community and Area life


Outdoor living and strong Neighborliness

It's hard to find a place where folks are interested in Community Gardens, Fairs, Parades, Newspaper, and Recreational clubs, Ice Rink and more.  But Oak Lake does.

Life in Oak Lake

Still used to lots of Shopping and People?

That's the point! Get away from it all!

No we aren't the city.  But we are 30 minutes from it! Need something, go get it! It takes 30 minutes to get to Polo Park from within Winnipeg anyway.  So why not settle in to a cozy life and still be able to get to the city when you actually want to?


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