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What's there to do here anyway?

Got free time and wondering how to spend it?

Check out our long list of activities, from food to outdoor variety you can't get just anywhere. 

Within 20 minutes you can:

-Fish multiple places.

-Hike or bike multiple kinds of land.


-Visit multiple parks.

-Golf two courses.

-Eat at numerous places.

-Go on scenic drives.

-Take the kids to multiple parks.

-Take the ATV's out.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.55.20 PM.png

Google Map Links

Don't forget you can download maps!
Oh, and sign in to Google for the best experience.

From beaches to bike parks, splash parks, birding, golfing, playgrounds aplenty, you won't have time in a weekend to see this all.

Leisurely jaunt? Or a pack-a-backpack outing? Somewhere in between? River Valley? Sandhill serenity? Grassy plains with tree stands? Yes! And if you really have never hiked sandhills in your life you should. Oh, but check out this image if you walk our sandhills, you'll want to avoid this little guy.

Oak Lake has a few great spots to go fishing, and when it is time for the river, check it out here.  Plot twist, any crown land in the hiking map can be accessed and fished from.  Are you up to the challenge to get to your new favorite fishing hole?  Just remember to love it like we do.

Your fridge looking a little sad?  Time to go visit some new spots.

Yeah we included this up above, but kids have their own idea of fun...

If you promise to be nice, check out these awesome rides.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 2.38.14 PM.png

Is it time to move here?

You could work from your new Home.

This location is on the number one highway, has great internet access in the communities, great schools, a thriving friendly community and the usual distance from the usual needs.  Might be time?

Homes and lots

Affordable selections, low taxation. It's good.

Lots of reasons to choose our area

It's the people that make a place.

Outdoor Variety

You can't get outdoor living like this just anywhere.

Hear from others about our area.

Let the long time and the new comer explain what they love.


Avoid this little guy

Out in our lovely sandhills this little cutie is a little itchy.  But if you avoid him and wash things like normal you'll be just fine.   Just remember the little rhyme, "leaves 3 let it be."

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