• Matthew Enns

Is it time to own a home outside the city?

It just seems like the world is on its way to a new normal. Like the tried and true pattern of move to the city, get a good job, buy a city home and live in the rat race just seems to be broken. Anyone with me?

I think the best thing about the new normal is that the city doesn't have to be the center of life any more. The internet has connected all things. And with fast internet now making its way to small towns like Oak Lake, there is little reason for many people to remain in the city.

We all know what is great about the city, but what is missing is a few things too: peace, neighborliness, a sense of belonging and involvement. Oh, and nature!

But what if there was a way to get the big city work life, still have access to shopping (like you don't have an Amazon Prime account!) but also have a river valley, a lake with a marina, beach and all the trimmings of small town life.

Check out our website! We are proud of our little community, its school and daycare, many businesses, its proximity to Brandon but also...its distance! Take a look around and see if you want to know more. We are confident we have something good to offer you here.

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