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Glorious Public Land

We all know about hiking in the mountains, and trails through wooded places. Finding them can be a bit of a chore though. A truly wild experience would allow you to wander all over a large piece of untouched land and find the hidden gems of its scenery. Fortunately Manitoba is one step ahead! Crown lands are publicly owned, publicly accessible properties reserved for just that purpose. No pre-authorization required. Be respectful, but enjoy your God-given right to wander! Hike, bike or saunter, public land is just that, public. Many have trails already established for off-roading vehicles as well. Check out our guide to lands in our area. We have access to a huge percentage of the public lands in Westman, just within 20 minutes in any direction.

The next real gem is Ducks Unlimited land. DU Canada is very interested in having people visit, fish, and hike their many acres. No wheels can go on their land, but that means if you are looking for some pristine nature they are the ones to look for. And guess what? We have acres and acres of DU land here too!

So whether you are looking for land you have never enjoyed before, feel wanderlust or the explorer bug tugging you, or just curious about the hidden gems in Manitoba, come check it out here! We think you will be as pleased as we are.

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