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Antiques are always in season

For most folks, a good outing means doing things you like with people you enjoy. For the antique and unique collector, Oak Lake has exactly that.

Just off the #1 Highway west of Brandon, Oak Lake boasts two fantastic antique shops. Each one specializes in their own special flair of collectibles and rare finds. Each one hosted by an interesting story teller and knowledgeable collector.

EnL's Come & See is a large shop housing a lively blend of decor, toys, and furnishings.

Proprieters Erwin and Lillian began collecting as a hobby years before, even before they began decorating their B&B with their treasures. Soon they had enough they needed to decide if it was time to share or not! Fortunately, they have decided to share their expansive collection of goods.

Just down the street is Fedora Antiques.

This amazing and very large collection reflects the deep understanding and diverse sense that its owner Barry has for the craft of collection.

Having been in the business for decades, Barry is very aware of the diversity and satisfying cleverness that a sensible collector requires. His expansive shop demonstrates how large his own enjoyment is for the area of antiques and collectibles.

With retail precision Fedora Antiques will absolutely scratch that weekend itch to see some new country, and come home with something that fits just right in any collectors home.

Open on Saturdays in any season, both of these shops will not disappoint. Afterwards make sure to stop by our CO-OP or the Embers Restaurant, and be sure to take a drive past the famous Oak Lake Beach, home to the Oak Island Resort.

Get driving directions here, and see you soon!

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