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What's it like here?

Can you walk your dog in peace? Can you be left alone, or busy as a bee?  Yes!

Community Organizations

Oak Lake has an annual fair, numerous boards and committees to enhance life for all of us.  Also a Legion, Lions Club and Area Grant Foundation, and also numerous churches for you to get involved in.


For the sports minded we have our own curling rink and also ice rink complete with ice plant and Zamboni, kids sports clubs, plus 400 miles of snowmobiling trails for members only.

Weekend outings

Hikers and daytrippers pay attention! Numerous crown land quarters, hiking trails, bird watcher wetlands and sand hills await your discovery.  Don't forget the Provincial park, endless fishing spots, golf courses and Eternal Springs.

Food and Meals

Oak Lake boasts a well stocked grocery store, a year round restaurant and a seasonal drive in, while the lake also has a famous drive in right by the beach.  Not to mention our own cake baker extraordinaire.

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