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Ready to work from your New Home?

Time to escape the rat race?
Can't leave fast internet behind?

Small town living, Big city web speed

Oak Lake has the right blend of quiet life, affordable property, fast internet and life outdoors

to soothe your big city blues.


Vacant lots, houses, business property

Work from Home with Fast, Reliable Internet

Community life, School, Daycare, and Businesses to serve you.

Are you ready to leave the city?

Big City Blues got you down?

Client 5

Give me space!

COVID has got us cramped in our apartments, wishing we had a little more space to move around. Maybe if we had a big back yard, a good school or daycare and good neighbors.

Client 6


Maybe your hope of buying a home in the city goes backwards every year.  Can't seem to save the $20k it takes to get started with your own place?

Client 4


Buying a home still doesn't calculate taxes and insurance!  What if we could pay a fraction for each and really give ourselves a future financially?

Client 1


We still love shopping and restaurants, sports and clubs, wouldn't it be nice to still have all of it? All while gaining a lake, a beach, a river valley, and a great community?

Outdoor Living


Truly in the heart of nature, surrounded by vibrant sandhills, a rolling river valley with recreation areas, a lake with marina and park with camping, set near 3 golf courses and packed with nature trails, birding, and more.  Really you must live here to appreciate it.

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 2.18.24 PM.png

We are a two Community location

Oak Lake Beach and Oak Lake Town

Both communities have access to high speed internet services and have properties for sale and are only 10 minutes apart. Learn more about our Resort, Marina, Beach, Campground and golf course below.

Contact Us

Talk to us about buying a lot, building a home, buying a house, relocating your business,
inquiring about our services and perks of living here.  Or, schedule a tour with a local!

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What I love about this area? The tall grasses in the swamp land, the birds who visit there. The cattle bawling in the evening and the cattails swaying in the wind. The geese honking their arrival. Gardeners vs the deer for the tender spring greens. The fragrance of the lake, the summer evening bird song and the neighbours; good, honest and caring.

Lorrie R.

Oak lake has been great because as a small town it feels so much safer for our kids compared to cities, where scary things happen every day. It's just not something we have to worry about here.
The reason we moved here is because my husband and I both lived here when we were younger. Once we grew up, we found we really missed it and wanted that small town life again, not only for ourselves but for our kids too.

Jacquie D.

We’ve lived through great joy and tragedy and the community of Oak Lake has a huge heart. This I know.

Donna C.

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Want to learn more about our community, costs, opportunies?

Contact our town office and learn more about our great slice of Manitoba.

412 Cameron St Oak Lake MB R0M 1P0


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